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24 November 2010 @ 09:30 am
I am in trouble.
I just visited a school, and it's amazing. I want it so badly that I'm scared of what'll happen if I don't get it. I'll probably be able to get along without, but I just really want this. It's the most exciting, wonderful program; it's what I've been missing, what I crave. I'm ready to struggle, to give up being the best in my school in order to be challenged. I'm ready to work hard for this and reap the benefits. I'm ready to sacrifice certain things that I thought were necessary. I'm ready to give everything to this school, but none of that matters if I'm not accepted.

The way I'm feeling now sort of makes me glad that I never really got into any relationships during high school. If I can get this infatuated about a school, imagine if I'd been so obsessed with a person...